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ANNOUNCING A Virtual Field Trip for Schools

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Hosted by Garvia Bailey

arts journalist • broadcaster • producer • storyteller

Toronto based, small town raised, Jamaica born.

Inspired and driven by the power of sharing our stories.

Stories are where art meets activism, where the personal embraces the political, where we are forced to truly see each other. For over 20 years my focus as a journalist, interviewer, educator and pundit has been on serving those who seek out beauty, meaning and connection through well told stories.

Kelsley Grant

A special piece of music is being composed by Toronto Composer and Trombonist Kelsley Grant.

Interactive Features

  • On-screen Trivia Questions
  • Worksheets by grade levels
  • Demonstrating Rhythmic Feel and Harmony
  • Submit your questions to us via email and we will answer them

Musicians Helping is excited to officially announce our next Venue Partnership with Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

This time we are exploring Jazz History, Black Artists, and Ripley’s Aquarium and will feature our Jazz Orchestra made up of top Canadian Musicians. The event will be hosted by Garvia Bailey and we will feature a special commissioned piece of music written for this event by Toronto Composer and Trombonist Kelsley Grant. There will also be a guest feature by a current Humber College student.

We have streamlined our interactive features to present a platform that is a controlled save space for all participants. 

Black Artists from the national and international stage will be highlighted throughout.

We are again providing worksheet specific to various grade levels and containing critical thinking questions, information about the music, musical instruments, and the musicians. Discussion topics will also include career paths in music.

There will also be some exciting video footage, images, and information about Ripley’s Aquarium and the animals that call this venue home.

We hope you will join us for this meaningful, engaging, and fun event.

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We take you on a virtual field trip to a popular location in Toronto where we present music, interactive elements, and video/images of the venue. You even get customized worksheets.

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