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Virtual Field Trip

Partnering with popular venues, we present interactive field trip for your entire school. During the performance your students will learn about the music, the venue, and will have interactive activities such as worksheets for Kindergarten to Grade 12 and On-Screen Trivia Questions. Teachers are also invited to submit their student’s questions to us which we will gladly answer. 

Play and Tell: A Live Stream Interactive Performance



We stream a live performance/clinic into your school or home class where some of Canada’s top musicians perform and teach students about various instruments, their roles in the ensemble as a whole and tips and tricks to help budding musicians hone their craft.

All clinics are very flexible and customizable. Prices are approximately $1500 for a 6 musician ensemble or $650 for a 3 musician ensemble.

Contact us for a personalized quote.




Compile, Mix Audio, and/or recordings

We can compile your student home cell phone recordings into a professionally mixed audio recording or compile into a multi track video. 

  • Show the resiliency of your music program by replacing your concerts with a great sounding recording or video that you can share to parents and staff.

  • Keep your students practicing toward a big project.

  • Makes a great graduation project for students to keep and remember.

  • Cost varies based on length of the piece and band size so contact us for a personalized quote! Prices range from $300 for a 3 minute video with 10 students or less to $500 for a 5 min video with up 40 or more students

Creating a Mixing/Recording Technology Unit

We can provide you with a full set of professionally recorded band stems (individual instrument recording files) for your students to mix and master or record over themselves in whatever mixing software your students have. We’ll also give you the sheet music so they can play along or record themselves on top or replace recordings with their own playing.

  • Students can add effects, panning and reverbs, make volume mixes and learn critical listening skills about how the sound changes while learning the ins and out of their software.

  • Students can replace parts with their own recorded playing, or add their own solos.

  • Make edits to the parts themselves, make the song shorter, loop it to make it longer, or make a fade out. Let them get creative!

  • Each set of 25 stems + score and parts is just $100.

Online Lessons and Masterclasses

Getting lessons from pros has never been more convenient.

  • Ask us about Zoom lessons from great Canadian pros on any instrument.

  • We also do group masterclasses on any instrument. Get your students started off right with beginner workshops.

  • We also offer lessons/masterclasses in composition and Sibelius notation software as well as audio mixing.

  • As many or as few lessons as works for your students individual needs.

  • Private Lessons: $35 per 30 minutes online 

  • Masterclass: 1 hour $125  per instructor